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Based in Essex with rapid on-site coverage of London, Hertfordshire, Cambridge, Suffolk and Kent areas, I am a contract and freelance web developer, database architect and digital solutions provider, providing custom built web sites and applications using the latest Web and Microsoft .Net and SQL technologies.

If you need a custom web site, application or business system - then I, and our team of experts can help.

Custom software and bespoke development

With over 22 years of commercial experience building business systems, I provide a whole range of custom built, web based solutions, ranging from simple brochure websites to advertise your business, through to manufacturing and logistics planning tools and multi-national retailer support systems.

Systems to suit your needs

Whether you want a complete commerce platform, or just starting out with an online company profile, I can help you plan and organise the development and delivery of your system; ensuring you get the most out of technology at a truely cost effective rate.

With a wide range of bespoke services together with a team of specialists I can call on, we can deliver any bespoke web-based digital solution your business or organisation needs.

Any system - designed for you
IntoZetta Data Quality Reporting
Sales Pro
Chevrolet CNA

Hand crafted & unique
Empowering & user focused
Connecting staff & customers

Building blocks to a great solution

We can hit the ground running with our pre-selected and pre-configured components and in-house platforms. We have toolkits to rapidly produce frameworks, white label platforms and ready-to-use applications that can be further tailored to individual needs.


I can deliver simple systems ready to use, without the worry of maintenance or hosting.

By building your site as your business grows, I can help you keep up to date and ensure you system never gets old.


With the ability to call on expert partners, we can help you build your systems, always sure that what we provide will be scalable for the future.

With the necessary in-house expertise required to deliver distributed, international, multi-lingual systems, you can be sure that our systems can keep pace of your business.


With extensive system design and architecture experience, I can provide all you need to get started with your web project.

With a full specification developed before every project, you can be sure I know what you want, and know how to deliver it.

Using top partners, we can provide your entire hosting service, with comprehensive support and maintenance so you don't have to worry.


With an extensive suite of development tools and resources, and utilising the power of .Net, I can rapidly develop high quality solutions for your business.

With huge libraries of templates and images, you can get a professional looking site without huge design costs.

For that personal and professional touch, I can work with various design contacts who can help us give your site that perfect look.


Whether you need just aftersales support or long-term project maintenance, you can be sure I have the options available to keep your system going.

Anything from monthly news updates to weekly imports, I can help alleviate those mundane tasks and help you keep your website fresh and up to date.

We will develop a plan specifically for you, tailoring our service to match your business needs.

Partners in delivery

With a network of partners we have the experience to deliver enterprise class solutions. Together with specialists, our history and processes give us the advantage of a big software house - without the costs and delays of a big expensive office!

Take a look at our experience and testimonials to see what we can offer. Don't miss the customer comments - even we're surprised!

Complete Service Strategy
One Platform
Out platfomrs grow with your business
Always Updated

One framework, any size solution
Grows with your business
Ongoing updates & support

See what we can do

Check out our range of development services, as well as our portfolio to see how we can help you develop your custom solution.

Just some of the companies that have used our software...
Just some of the companies that have used our software

Guaranteed Service Levels

We only use high quality equipment and service providers for our customer solutions - giving you the peace of mind of huge support. See our new Hybrid Cloud Services to see how your business can reach the entire world!

All our SaaS services can be provided with SLA guarantees - backed by award winning ISP's and CodeStep's own service guarantee scheme.

CodeStep's solutions aren't just software.....

They can be your entire online service, and our experience and portfolio speaks for itself.